Having known Marcia professionally and socially for many years, I am in the unique position to observe her from almost every angle. Of course she is brilliant(Ph.D.) but more importantly she knows how get things done through motivating others. She can also be a great friend and is someone to go to if you having major problems in your life. She is a great teacher, consultant, and Leader. If you have Marcia in your life, you are very fortunate!

William Morin

“Marcia, you understand the challenges that people face in the world of work–from the time they first enter the workforce and then as they move through all the different stages of their  careers right up to their retirement.” (Direct quote)

Professor Edgar Schein, MIT, Cambridge, Mass., 1997


“You are a wonderful Executive who has great insight in Cross- Cultural Communications. It would be my great pleasure to have you work with me to give my students some lectures on Cross- Cultural Communications. They are English majors in the second year from my university, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics (NUFE). It is so important for them to learn from people from the West. Besides your professional training, your personal experience of dealing with Chinese immigrants in the U.S. and the Chinese students in Shanghai will sure help my students a lot.”

Professor Jing Wen, Foreign Languages, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics


“Working with Marcia has been a rewarding and enriching experience. She is an extremely bright, versatile and creative executive who has consistently designed and delivered impactful, exciting, and innovative training programs. Her skills have received high praise from program participants. She is an agile communicator, a conscientious listener, and a strategic team developer. She adapts very well to changing situations and goals. Furthermore, her strong interpersonal skills enable her to do so with humor, kindness, and grace.  I feel confident in saying that you will find her an exceptionally gifted contributor and consultant.”

Barbara Grossman, Assistant Commissioner, New York City (DCAS)


“I want to thank you for your outstanding lecture on ‘Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, and Career Success’ to the one hundred students in my entrepreneurship class at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) in June, 2012. Your substantive presentation was exactly what the students needed. Not only did you present key research findings, but you also shared practical insights based on your own extensive career counseling experience.

In addition, the deep personal connection you obviously made with the students is a tribute to your sensitivity to diversity issues in addressing a Chinese student audience. Based on their feedback you made an extremely positive and lasting impact upon a young group ready to launch their careers but in need of facts, inspiration, and practical guidance.”

Profesor Matthew De Luca, Guest Faculty, School of Foreign Languages (USST)


“Dr. Fox is a very creative human resources professional with a strong social conscience. She is a perceptive observer of the many social, educational and cultural barriers that block the economic success of women and minority business people. More importantly, she consistently comes up with an amazing flow of practical and innovative ideas for both training programs and systemic solutions that have the potential to truly make a difference. Dr. Fox is a consummate professional, a wonderful team player, and an energetic executive who follows through efficiently, effectively and with integrity.”

Emmanuel Anosike, Director, Bonding and Technical Assistance, NYC Small Business Services Agency


“To me, Dr. Fox is an incredibly caring and inspiring friend and mentor. In the past two years, she has helped me to realize and overcome the cultural differences between the East and the West. Although I have lived in North America for seven years, my way of thinking is still very Eastern. At work, I sometimes feel lost because I am not sure how to handle the issues and relationships properly. When my workload becomes overwhelming, I don’t know how to communicate my concerns to management. When I go to Dr. Fox to seek advice, she helps me to realize the impact of cultural differences and gives me very useful advice. What’s more, she keeps encouraging me to speak up and not be afraid of chasing my dreams. This really changes my life. I have learned to voice my opinions more, and I have  become better at  pursuing  my life goals. Dr. Fox teaches me and inspires me to never give up, and never think little of myself.” (2017)

Mary Su, Wealth Management Department, NYC Bank


“The class (a customized Interview Skills Workshop) was very successful, and the (minority and female) entrepreneurs who attended it found the class to be very informative and relevant to growing their businesses. She was able to bring a wealth of information and valuable advice to our participants based on her years of experience as a human resources and training expert. Ms. Fox is a dedicated and energetic consultant. Her dedication and efforts were key ingredients in making our workshop a success.”

Bomi Kim, Senior Vice-President, New York City Economic Development Corporation


“Every college student should read Put Your Degree To Work. It is a work of integrity and distinction.”

Eleanor Appel, Placement Director, Harvard Law School


I’ve known Marcia as a close family friend for almost four years and counting. Over that time, she has been a warm yet steady hand that has guided me through various key moments, offering me informal coaching, practical professional advice, and words of encouragement. She has been an incredibly rich source of both authentic wisdom as well as fresh new ideas and perspectives. Because of her, I am a better and more knowledgeable person.An accomplished professional, Marcia is always highly committed to everything she does. Marcia demonstrates her uncanny ability to create a sense of warmth as well as an air of dependability. This is because she truly, deeply cares about people. She is the kind of person everybody should meet and get to know.” (2017)

Wenhao Du, Vanderbilt University B.A.  (2019)


“PUT YOUR DEGREE TO WORK” is still the best career book I’ve ever read. Dr. Fox was at NYU when she published this book. She was was a great help to me and many others of my classmates in the Graduate School of Public Administration (now The Wagner School of Public Service). …In the years since, I have never met an interview question for which this book has not prepared me….”

Maria M. Thompson (former NYU student). 2009 Amazon review


“Dr. Fox is a dynamic, warm, and very accomplished business executive. She helped me to learn about American business culture and to understand how to find internships and jobs ‘The New York Way’. Throughout these past ten years (2007-2017), she has been my mentor, career coach, and general all around-life coach. She has inspired me to think more critically and creatively and to work hard at my career and life goals. I know that it is largely because of her influence that I have achieved more academic and professional success. Dr. Fox would be a source of great practical help and kind friendship to any foreign person coming to the U.S.” (2017)

Yajie (Owen) Liu, Private Equity, Shanghai


“Not only is Dr. Fox an accomplished consultant with impressive business acumen, but she is also an incredibly warm and welcoming mentor and role model. As her mentee, I was able to directly witness her openness and abide by her useful words of advice on a regular basis, which I am so thankful for. To this day, her valuable comments  about best business practices,  social awareness, and the importance of analytical skills have made long-lasting impressions upon  me both  as a  person and  as a young  professional.” (2017)

Genices Batista  Inoa, Columbia University, B.A. (2019)