Founder, Marcia R. Fox

Marcia R. Fox Ph.D, the Founder and CEO of Fox Management Consulting, is an educator and businesswoman who has had a lifelong interest in helping   students, young professionals, international students, Fortune 500 executives, and government professionals develop satisfying and successful professional lives.

Prior to starting FMC, Marcia held diverse executive positions. She began her career as a Lecturer in the Hunter College English Department. She then shifted direction and became a New York University Dean at the Graduate School of Public Administration. Her widely circulated book, Put Your Degree to Work: A Career-Planning and Job-Hunting Guide for the New Professional ( W.W. Norton, 1979;rev.ed. 1988) was an outgrowth of her New York University job search seminars and career counseling experiences with students.

  • Subsequently she became an internal consultant in the Management Education Department of Mobil Oil. At Mobil she designed and trained middle and senior managers in such subjects as selection interviewing, performance appraisal, career systems, and so on.
  • At Drake Bean Morin (DBM), an international human resources consulting firm that specialized in outplacement, she was a Group Vice-President and led the Career and Change Management Practice area, the part of the firm that created new career, change management, communications, retirement and other products for such companies as IBM and General Motors. Marcia also initiated and/or managed several strategic partnerships, such as one with the renowned Professor Edgar Schein (author of the “Career Anchors” assessment tool) and Lominger, Inc.  (creators of the “Career Architect” competency product line). She also managed the development of a pioneering software product for college students called “Career Navigator, The Computer-Powered Job-Search Program.” As the guest of General Motors, Marcia attended a certification program in Quality Management taught by the iconic consultant, W. Edwards Deming.
  • At Fox Management Consulting, some noteworthy client projects have come from government, non-profit, and international sources. For example, the firm won a six-figure five-year prime contract from New York City’s Executive Education Division in a $15M RFP competition; and in the award Marcia was recognized as a “curriculum design expert”. Subsequently, the head of NYC’s Executive Education Division (our client), won a highly competitive “Innovation Award” from Chief information Officer magazine (CIO) for a senior leadership program called: “Nexus: The Science and Art of Leadership”. FMC also created a “Blueprint Interviewing Workshop” for minority and female construction industry entrepreneurs enrolled in a special program at NYC”s Economic Development Corporation (EDC). Additionally, Marcia has lectured at universities in Shanghai (USST) and Nanjing (NUFE) on such topics as “Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, and Career Success” and “Cross-Cultural Communications”. And in 2016 the Chinese company, We Bond, sponsored Marcia’s live/on-line lecture, “Effective Resumes for Western Employers”.
  • Marcia has served as Director on several non-profit Boards and has volunteered at the Michael J. Fox Foundation, the “I Have a Dream” Foundation, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), The Educational Alliance,  the Asia Society, and many other organizations.
  • Marcia received a Ph.D. from the City University of New York Graduate Center, an M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, and a B.A. from Boston University.